The Great Blue Yonder

An Interactive game aims to reveal true love in real world, help people understand and come to terms with death without being overly maudlin as well as build our cherish to life!

Interactive Game


This game is produced due to a non-linear story of a young boy dying from an accident struggling on his future and taking action to decide his life. It is adapted from the novel "The Great Blue Yonder" written by Alex Shearer. The environment is designed based on "The great blue yonder" as a mysterious place at heaven for dead people looking back and moving on!..

What I did

  • Narrative Concept
  • 3D Models/Detailed Texture
  • UI Design/Production
  • Game Interactive
  • Sound/Voice-over

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The First Scene of Heaven...

— Let's enter the door and start your life after death.


The Second Scene of Blue Yonder...

— Let's keep walking and decide your future.