Digital Reproduction

Digital Reproduction is a form of data reproduction which based on the digital data model

An image which people browse from internet is an example of digital reproduction, it is a digital copy of original.


The Aura of Original Art

Where the aura of original art resides?

Walter Benjamin augured that endless reproduction would diminish the aura of original, however, Douglas Davids, the author of “The Work of Art in the age of Digital Reproduction”, said that where the aura resides is “not in the thing itself but in the originality of the moment when we see, hear, read, repeat, revise”.

We can see digital reproduction is used on clothing


Unisex Hipster Sweater Monet Van Gogh Sweatshirt Hoodies 3D T Shirts(Sd_inzaghi via Flickr)

Digital reproduction is using technology to lead the audiences to the original

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