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Digital Media Studio 1: Production
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Digital media studio 1 is about applying design thinking to design process in producing a wide range of digital media platforms. Throughout learning process, I have developed various software skills and ability to produce digital graphic, interactive and sound design project alongside with design thinking. This studio has indeed explained why elements and principles of design are important and have clarified the importance of being able to justified design choices for each of my design projects. Overall skills acquire from this studio will definitely be beneficial to my digital designer career path, as I am able to identify the design logic and make a critical analysis of my design work. Explicitly, this will lead me to the future development of my work.


Elements of design consist of Point, Line, Shape, Texture, Space, Form, Colour and value. They are the building blocks used by designers to create an art work making them look better. The principles of design combine the elements to create a composition. The design principles are composed by Unity, balance, Proportion, Emphasis, Movement, Rhythm and Pattern. Both design aspects are important as they can be use to determines how successful the design is. Additionally, it can also enhance user experience as it become more visually appealing to people.

New Year card design

Black Squares Activity

Mandala Designs

Fruits Icons Design

Icons Colour Scheme

Flat Design

User-Centred Design

User centred design focus on needs goals, desires of the user which requires a number of research (interviews, questionnaires) and observation of a user. Hence, it a process of designing interactive design from the perspective of how it would be understood and used by the user. They are important as it provides feedback on the user interaction with a design which allows the designer to understand the struggles or difficulties users face. Accordingly, this allows us to reflect back on the initial problem or real-life situation users face and which how they would use the design product we provide with a seamless experience.

Overall in regards to my assignment 2 UX concept oral presentation. This has help me reflect back to the core usability principles that was illustrated on my website design. The design development process is focussed on the prospective user, making sure their goal and requirements are met. My website design has a positive approach towards visibly, clarity, consistency, and relevancy of information. As I have applied the typography hierarchy and element of design such as the used of negative space and colour to clearly simplified the central purpose of this app development. At the introduction part of my presentation, I introduce my personal story, where a new international student like me always get lost around the campus, to allow the listeners to engage with my presentation (in relation to my user persona). This relatable situation has helped articulate the information on the usefulness and the neediness of this application to all of my audiences. However, to future develop the understanding of core usability principles in UX design, an improvement such as using larger text to create a better hierarchy in my design could be made.

App Design and Web Design

RMIT Wayfinder

  • Team role

    Project Manager

    My official team role is Project manager. Dicision was made by our team members as my application promoted on my website (assignment 2) has been voted to future develop into prototype on Invision. As a project manager, I have to manage my time very well and keeping track and updates of the team member progress. I found out that project planning is essential, as the design plans help the project to be done quickly and efficiently week by week.

  • Team role and Contribution to RMIT Wayfinder

  • Teamwork

    A digital media career options highly depend on working in teams, building teamwork and relying on the team members. Communication skills are extremely important and I have gained this in working in a design team. My project would not be fully fulfilled and completed without the help of my team member’s assistance. As a team each of us displayed different aptitude towards design process, this approach is the key to success in team efforts. I also discovered that when I look at problem individually, I see issues from limited perspectives. However, working in a team offer me a diversity of opinion.

  • Time managment

    There is a time where the team experiences issue with the time management due to lack of contribution of a member, not doing the work he is assigned. As a team leader, I rearrange the task assign and arrange a meeting with other group members to complete the unfinished part together. This approach has helped me maintain the consistency in the workflow of the design process to meet the deadlines. The strategies behind this were the ability in dealing with unexpected challenge and overcome them quickly. This is the key that leads the group to complete the project successfully.

  • Design Process for RMIT Wayfinder application